Video Recorder for Second Life and Myst-Uru

  Screenr Logo

Screenr Logo

I came across Screenr this morning. I tried it out. One signs up using a Twitter account. This seems to be an nice free service. It has some problems. But it seems to work well.

The recording was certainly easy. There is a record button. It gives you a ‘frame’ you can slide around the screen and resize to let you capture the part of the screen you want. You can start and stop recording, pausing. The max recording is 5 minutes. Surprising how fast that goes by.

Once recorded, one publishes the video. It is the default to Tweet the video when you publish but that can be overridden. Publish time is equal to the length of the video plus 1 minute. So, a five minute video takes 6 minutes to …prepare… and publish. That is in theory… I didn’t time it. I think it was more like 10 minutes for my 5 minute video.

I had some problems with publishing. First time it crashed and I had to re-try. Screenr did save the raw video. So, I was able to return and make another attempt at publishing it. Between their crash and a couple of screw-ups on my part it took me 4 tries. The conversion or prep takes place server side so it does not tie up my workstation.

Once prep’ed I got to a page a listing my videos, one… with a link to the video, the option to download as an MP4, publish on , delete the thing, and some handy Twitter choices.

It’s actually pretty nice. You can see my first try @ Raw video no editing. This is a build in OSGrid. Lots of experimenting going on.

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