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WARNING: See Massively article on Weird. 4/20/2010 – Emerald Viewer is dropping the feature that supports this tool. Soon it will no longer work.

This is an odd item… If you are using Emerald check it out. This add-on makes your Second Life world rez faster.

You can find it on XStreetSL (L$212) and in-world at DarkSim Deigns (L$200). There are several good reviews available on XStreetSL.

Another blog, Look What the Cat Brought, reviewed the tool. Lots of FAQ’s answered there. Read the positive review in Status Quome: Speed-Rezzing!

What is it and how does it work?

The tool is a set of gestures that work ONLY with the Emerald viewer. If you are wondering why that is… It is because of a feature found in Emerald’s Preferences (Emerald left tab -> Page 1 -> Command Line). Programmed into the viewer is the ability to set a chat command to change draw distance. This tool is dependent on this Emerald feature.

First, does this thing work? Yes!

How does it work? Simple. It uses a set of gestures to change the draw distance. Since this is a gesture and not a script, there is no script load on your computer or the SIM server. So, it does not add to lag.

There is a good possibility that it actually reduces lag. What happens when you rez into a new area is all the surrounding textures begin downloading. The viewer has some intelligence built in and is supposed to handle texture priority downloads. This tools shows it is still not as good as it could be.

By reducing draw distance the viewer only requests those textures within the draw distance. The gesture reduces draw distance to a few meters and lets the near by downloads get started. In a couple of seconds the gesture increases the draw distance. A couple of seconds later it increases it again and so on. The gesture names tell you final draw distance. This forces the most important textures to download first. This should reduce initial AV rez-in load on the server and speed up your rez experience. This could be an overall good thing.


There really aren’t any. I do have some personal preferences that are a problem for me.

Because I play in several combat SIM’s I have weapons… lots of weapons. I have a number of gestures for the F9 to F12 keys and their Ctrl, Alt and Shift cousins programmed to control various weapons. The gestures are sold No Mod. I don’t understand why. One can still open the gestures and read the contents and write their own. These would be much more useful if they were supplied Mod Yes.

The US$0.80 cost is well worth it for the time saved. Writing your own is just not cost effective.


I purchased a set at my cost and received no reimbursement. These are my very own biased opinions. 🙂

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