Particle Class Owner Banning Students Becomes a Circus

A friend recently went to attend a widely advertised SL class on particles. She expected nothing like what happened. She arrived and was banned as the class started, poof outa here. When contacting the class instructor/promoter/landowner she was told she was ejected for spamming. She knew she had not but the argument went nowhere and she could not get into the class. Feeling rejected and interested in the class she tried several approaches all with the same results.

This is bizarre. Someone offering a free class banning participants makes no sense. Then when one finds out that he is also selling scripts and other things from the area and banning customers too, it’s even more bizarre.

A friend looked under the skybox shops and found dozens of property protection devices. Ok, I could think may be the guy is paranoid and can’t setup the devices. But he claims to be a master scripter and sells scripts. So, what is going on? Plus if it were an accident, one would think it would get fixed. Also, when a customer complains about being unfairly ejected most store owners want them back, not this guy.

My friend is not the only one to get ejected. Imnotgoing Sideways picked up on it from a friend and went to see what was up then wrote about her experience in her blog. The result of her trip: [19:06] jrenslow Bach ejected and banned you from this land.

Blog: Imnotgoing SidewaysFull transcript – ImNotGoing describes it as surreal. There are mostly robots in the shops and attending the classes. They talk and respond when spoken to. Make comments during the class, but quickly get repetitive. As the class starts the live attendees are ejected.

So many people were getting ejected it came up on the XStreet forum in the Merchants’ section*. Seems others have been running into this weird guy that bans his prospective students and customers. The thread is 3 pages long now (3/24). Most are trying to figure out what he is doing. XStreet Merchants’ Thread*

Looking at some of what jrenslow is/was selling it was realized he was selling freebie scripts, something that annoys many of us, selling free stuff for profit. Rumor is much of his stuff does not work (get that from XStreet posts). He also argues with those giving away the freebies he is selling. Is he nuts or is he trying to psych out the people and eliminate the competition?

Something caught a guy named Beagle Weezles’ attention and he began an investigation.
He ended up buying some land next to jrenslow’s and putting up some signs and a viewing booth. He and others were setting in it watching people get banned and ejected. The Platform.


So, I decided to visit the place and see what was happening. The link into Kandor for the classes now takes one inside a sphere, trap. No way to get to a class or shop. Sky Trap So, your main link goes to an empty cage… and that helps sales how?

I am totally bummed I did not get ejected. Place was mostly deserted except for the robots. Many of the property protections devices are gone now. There appears to be a free money scam there for noobies to click on, only L$299 to buy. Free money for who?

Searching on jrenslow Bach I find that he is apparently a problem child. XStreet staff posted that his accounts were closed for repeated ToS violations.* The search also reveals his name in some odd places. SL has a tribute to the Beta testers in Plum (128,53). Jrenslow’s name is in the fourth column 3rd from the top in the left most top panel. (Reference). So, he has been around for some time. Several people have posted copies of their conversations with him. (Sample*) From what I’ve seen English is not is first language. All conversations seem to have a similarity.

Everyone is watching and discussing jrenslow. A sky platform has been built to watch the ejections and advertise free copies of the scripts he has for sale. He is sort of one of the poster children for sleazy merchants in the ‘Selling FREE stuff for a profit‘ thread. From a few posts it looks like a few shouting matches have broken out has jrenslow tries to psych out the audience. In all it has turned into a regular circus.

To the right is the sky trap, shops and class area and the observers sky platform.

*You must join group to read these posts – requires you to be an XStreet Merchant.

One thought on “Particle Class Owner Banning Students Becomes a Circus

  1. This is hilarious. I was doing a Google search for my old sl accounts and this post brought back so many memories.

    Jrenslow eventually got Sl to take away my land and platform because apparently I was harassing him.

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