Bits and Pieces 2013-39


Ciaran Laval has an article up on the new Linden Lab™ ToS: New TOS Needs To Be Rectified.


Jo Yardley notes The Verge has another article up on Second Life™. The Verge article is: Second Life updates graphics, promises Oculus Rift support ‘soon’. This one is by a different author and about the Oculus Rift. I think this author, Adi Robertson, watched the video. I doubt Ali has been in SL.

Jo in her article, The Oculus Buzz caused by Linden Lab, is discussing the reputation of Second Life. She has some good ideas. We know several Lindens, including Rod, read her blog. So, may be some of those ideas will get picked up or at least shape some of the Lab’s PR work.

Jo believes, and I think with good reason, that the Oculus will bring a second renaissance to SL. Of course the ToS change may offset that… I do believe we will see an up tic in the number of people entering Second Life. I can’t decide if I believe the Rift will change the retention rate. I flip-flop on that point.

And check out the first comment after her article…

If you take a look at Polygon’s article, Virtual world Second Life gets graphics and features overhaul, you might get the idea the Lab sent out a press release. Continue reading

Bits and Pieces Week 44

Teleport Problems

More people are having problems teleporting and see the message about Granting Capabilities. One can usually get around the problem by using the World Map. Re-logging can sometimes clear the problem. Others feel it is the region one is in needing a restart.

New Destination Guide

The new 3.2.2 Development Viewer (244260) pops the Destination Guide Bar open after login. This makes it much nicer and easier to use.

Destination Guide

This development viewer is slow. I get 4 to 6 FPS in my cottage. Ping is horrible, 600+ms. A quick change to Dolphin Viewer 3 didn’t fix the FPS problem but did cut the ping in half. The region was good, Time Dilation 1.00 and Physics 45 FPS.

SL News – Boring

In general the Lab is working on its secret projects and performance improvements. Also, we are entering the holiday season for the Lab’s staff, which means no big projects or changes start. All combined that makes for little interesting news.