Second Life – Lost Password Preparation 

Have you ever lost/forgot your Second Life™ password? I have for my Alts. To recover you can file a ticket and they will send you a password recovery email.

In the email you must do 1 of 3 things.

  • Answer your secret question.
  • Name three people in your friends’ list.
  • List payment amounts made to the Lab.

Avoid being tricky with your secret question answer. You have to remember your answer and spell it correctly. Or… write it down. Duh!

If you haven’t copied down some of your friend’s names, do so now. Misspelled names don’t count.

Purchases… seems your annual US$72 is not an acceptable answer as it is too easy to guess. If I forgot my password every week I might record each payment amount. Otherwise, remembering amounts is way too much trouble. Memory is useless. But, you can look in PayPal and get the payment amounts!

Knowledgebase: account information recovery.

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