AvaStar 2 RC 5 Released

A new RC version of AvaStar 2 is out. You can get it from your products page at Machinimatrix.

I am not sure what got fixed… the release notes and change logs are not up to date.

The Maintenance Update function doesn’t seem to work with RC’s. The panel showed 2.0.40 when I clicked for an update. Manually adding the RC 5 package the version in the panel reports 2.0.43.

Manual updates also clears my account data, which I have to re-enter.

One thought on “AvaStar 2 RC 5 Released

  1. You find the Avastar-2 changelog here: http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/fcs-2/
    The maintenance Update does not (yet) work for Release candidates. I have just changed the tooltip to make this clear.

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