Discovering Flickr and Following Groups

I suspect most Second Life people know about Flickr. Lots of SL peeps use Flickr. However, I suspect few know how to find the awesome art that is appearing every day. I know it has taken me some time to realize how to find the awesome art.



There are people that mention artists and give you their names, Hamlet at New World Notes often features an artist. I do from time to time. Other bloggers do too. But, waiting on us to reveal those you think are awesome could be tedious. So, how do you find awesome Flickr artists to follow? 

I’ll recommend GROUPS as the easiest way to find great artists. But, that raises the question of finding good groups. Of course, you can search on the term Second Life using a ‘group’ filter. That will give you a load of groups to look through.

You can right-click a group’s name and open it in a new browser tab. Looking through the Photo Pool you’ll be able to decide if you want to join. Or you may just find an artist or two that you want to follow.

Notice in the group’s Overview there is a column labeled ‘Latest Post’. This will tell you how active the group is or isn’t.

You’ll find that people post the same image in multiple groups. Some groups are near duplicates of other groups. Plan to be pruning your groups to eliminate those that are inactive or too similar to other groups.

I think some are just posting to as many groups as they can to get views and fav’s.

Lúthien and the silver sea

Lúthien and the silver sea


It is possible to follow people on Flickr. But, you have to find them first. The idea with groups is to find new people as they post into groups we follow. The word in Flickr ‘forum’ is you cannot follow Groups. So, that could be a problem. But, that is only sort of true. If you click Groups on the Flickr home page, the page displays the new posts in the groups you have joined, which I think is sort of a follow. And this is where I find new interesting artists.

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