Second Life: Horizons’ Land Prices

Horizons land is pricey. As of Wednesday, the least a parcel was going for was L$1,010, the most L$35,029. The average is L$11,216.

Horizons Nov 2016

Horizons Nov 2016

While most parcels in SL have 1 or 2 bidders and go for L$500, Horizons land has 6 to 15 bidders.

I am not surprised to find a mix of parcels that have yet to be sold and a number that are for sale by owner. Meaning some enterprising people are working to flip the properties. But, I don’t see for sale signs when walking the hoods.

One person has purchased 4 adjacent parcels and put in a custom home and forest.

There are a number of parcels that have not sold, ever… as best I can tell. So, there is land available or that will come available. So, I don’t see why the bidding war. People…

I wonder if the Lindens will create landing points in Horizons for new people. I live south of such a hub. It is often interesting. It does make me glade I have EJECT power on my land. So, I think landing hubs for newbies would devalue the land… for residential use. It might be good for a brothel.

2 thoughts on “Second Life: Horizons’ Land Prices

  1. It’s very frustrating. I love the Horizons concept and was looking forwards to picking up a parcel but these prices are just crazy, and while LL is adding new parcels to the auction every day they’re not getting any cheaper (and every auction shoots up to ~30k right before they end). Why would I pay well over $100 upfront for a very small parcel when I can get the same size with no upfront cost AND less money per month on private estates like the Chungs? I really like the theming but it’s not at all worth $120 to me…

    • I agree. Also, I’m not going to go play Horizons that often… and I don’t need to be close for that anyway. I’m about 8 regions south now…

      May be the supply of people wanting in so bad will run out.

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