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We aren’t hearing much new about Sansar. But, Hamlet found and article by Joe Durbin published on UPLOAD, Preview: ‘Sansar’ Could Give Social VR Worlds a Second Life. I think Hamlet was responding to Dubin’s enthusiasm. I found the enthusiasm interesting.

Project Sansar: Mars landscape.

Project Sansar: Mars landscape.

Quoting Dubin:

Sanar is as hard to describe to the uninitiated as [is] Second Life. It is not a game, a film, a tech demo, or a specific social VR experience. Sansar is raw, limitless virtual potential that can truly be forged into the inter-connected digital world we’ve been dreaming about since Snow Crash.

That is my expectation of what Sansar is to be. I do believe that just as the Lab has used projects in Second Life to demonstrate its abilities so too will they have projects to show what can be done with Sansar. 

Reading Durbin I would get that Sansar is totally dependent on creatives to build things with Sansar. I do think that is true to some extent. But, getting people to notice requires explicitly showing people what can be done with Sansar. I think the Lab will build or have built demo worlds and maintain those. Many of us may never go beyond whatever world or worlds the Lab builds as demos of Sansar’s abilities.

It is really unclear to me what the Lab will do with community for Sansar. I suspect the Lab is undecided too. But, I have no doubt they have something in mind.

The Second Life team is ‘emphatically definite’ the SL world will continue for the foreseeable future. Oz Linden the head of ‘Project’ Second Life (product might be a more appropriate word) is, as best I can tell, practical and realistic about SL. My thinking is he has done well improving SL over the last couple of years. How much input Ebbe puts in is an unknown.

As I look at my peak concurrent stats the downward trend could be said to be headed towards bottoming out some time next year. History may indicate what may happen in the future but, it does not definitively predict it. So, who knows?

But, I take it that the Lab is not looking at breaking up the SL community. While they may provide a pathway for SL and Sansar users to easily occupy both communities, I don’t see any indicators of a plan to move SL users to Sansar. But, Sansar will need a user community. We just have to wait to see what it will look like.

From Dutbin’s writing I think the most prominent advantage of Sansar is the Lab’s experience in building a platform that is useable by hobbyists and non-professionals. At least that aspect caught Durbin’s attention.

Notice that in the comments at UPLOAD some think other platforms are competitive with and similar to Sansar. But, I suspect they don’t know. Few have experienced Sansar at this point. Also, few of those commenting have any experience with SL. That makes those comments uninformed opinion.

A sort of new tidbit is that there will be a ‘Sansar marketplace like the SL marketplace’. So, it seems info coming out of the Lab to testers is that there will be separate marketplaces. Have I missed that in earlier discussions?

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  1. I think you have missed the separate marketplace before. Well i never did expect the would have one marketplace, that’s a technical nightmare. Because you cannot and do not want to get secondlife content in sansar without the creator have done a check on the mesh give permission for use by upload it to sansar.

    The monthly cost are more important question, you want to have know costs not something that is extreme vsriable But it still need to be not more then a few $ month.

    Sadly we still mot know much about the edit methode. yes there seems to be edit and publish mode. Still not sure if that is really nice. Also what can be done realtime ? what with more creators in one scene. ?

    And i hope the have terrain at day one.

    So more question the answers , and still many weeks to wait.

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