Second Life: Panoramic Cameras

There are now two panoramic cameras we can use for making 360-Images. Everyone has written about Illiastra, Strawberry and Inara did good reviews. The other camera by Lalwende Leakey, I didn’t even know existed. Lalwende contacted me in-world and asked about leaving a comment on my article: Second Life: New Easy 360 Camera Coming.

IOL Panoramic Camera - Oct 2016

IOL Panoramic Camera – Oct 2016

In that article I included videos about making panoramas. My first take on Lalwende’s IOL Camera Panoramic is that it has more abilities for those more into the tech of panoramic photography. I get that from reading the manual. I haven’t tried the camera. Nor have I tried Illiastra. I can’t find Illiastra’s manual any place where I can read it. It is listed as part of the contents in Illiastra’s ad. 

Illiastra Ad - Oct 2016

Illiastra Ad – Oct 2016

I have thought about buying IOL Camera. Lalwende offered a free copy to me. Thank you, Lalwende. But, I avoid most gift review items to avoid bias. Unless it is Yuzuru, because I’m already biased… He makes neat stuff.

Really nice thing about IOL Camera is it is half the price of Illiastra. But, then there is what will be the free point-and-shoot 360-Camera being built by the Lindens for inclusion in the viewer. We just don’t know how long we have to wait for it.

It is also possible to manually take your own pictures and stitch the images in Photoshop or some free online services. It’s just REALLY REALLY tedious to do so. I would definitely pay for IOL to avoid that tedium. Maybe even Illiastra.

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