VR Headsets Setup

Maria Korolov has an article on Hypergrid Business: How to set up your new mobile VR viewer. So if you have Google Cardboard and have been looking to get it working with a viewer…

There is a previous article titled: How to watch YouTube on Cardboard viewers.

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour

2 thoughts on “VR Headsets Setup

  1. 4 years old low-midrange hardware? Not what I’d call “high” hardware requirements for a commercial game production.
    …and nowhere near as high as needed for VR. Oculus recommends a GTX970 as minimum for the Rift, and tests so far suggest that’s often not even enough for a smooth experience…

    • You may be right. I suspect those having problems with a 970 aren’t tweaking their systems. Also, my understanding is Obduction will be the first game out to retail designed ground up for VR. I’m not holding my breath as the makers, Cyan, while known for gorgeous graphics and environments are not well know for their technical skills. We don’t know who on their team this time is doing their tech for this game. From what I have heard they are mostly relying on UNREAL. So, programming deficiencies and lack of smart optimization may have to be made up for with extra computer power.

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