Project Sansar in the News 2016-W18

The Creators Project is a blog co-founded by Intel to cover those creative people and projects using tech to create art. In April they published an article titled: Peek Inside Second Life’s Virtual Reality Successor, ‘Project Sansar’.

It isn’t anything we haven’t seen or heard before. But, it’s nice to be noticed.

Project Sansar: Mars landscape.

Project Sansar: Mars landscape.

I did find this interesting:

One of the first things Altberg did when he joined Linden Lab was to refocus the company’s efforts to make Sansar a priority. To that end, they recruited a team with experience working on projects like massively multiplayer online game (MMO) and AAA games. They also invested heavily in people with experience creating visual effects and animation for blockbuster films, as well as those who have helped build social networks. This amalgam of talents has influenced the depth and character of Sansar.

I wonder if this is from something Ebbe has said somewhere, or it’s the author projecting. I knew the Lab hired people to work on Sansar. I’ve had the idea they were mostly game design oriented. This would seem to broaden the experience base the Lab has taken on.

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