How to: AvaStar Following & Vimeo

Gaia Clary has been putting more of the Machinimatrix/AvaStar videos on Vimeo™. There are good reasons for doing that. Vimeo offers better monetization and distribution control. Unfortunately Vimeo has to compete with YouTube.

Vimeo Following

Vimeo Following

As best I can tell, not that many of the Second Life™ community use Vimeo. If I search on ‘secondlife’ at Vimeo, I find 6,373 videos. Doing the same at YouTube I get 572,000 hits or about 90 times more videos.* 

So, it isn’t a good way to promote anything to SL users. If you need to do promotion, use YouTube™. That is where people will go to look for SL related videos. Also, YouTube has way better name recognition.

I don’t often look at Vimeo. So, I need notification of when a new video is posted. On YouTube I follow people. I can do that on Vimeo too. I follow Gaia Clary and Machinimatrix. Search for both of those and look for the FOLLOW button. YouTube sends a notification to my phone when someone I follow posts a new video. I don’t know if Vimeo does.

If you use a reader like Feedly to follow blogs, news, and other Internet media then you want to be able to add a RSS feed from the Vimeo people you follow. That is easy enough with Feedly. To do that:

  • Find the person or channel you want to follow on Vimeo
  • Open that page and copy the URL (e.g.,
  • In Feedly click Add Content.
  • Paste in the URL.
  • Feedly correctly figures out the RSS feed URL.

As best I can tell, I need to do this for each Vimeo person/channel I want to follow with Feedly.

You can share Vimeo video just as one would YouTube videos. But, it is possible to try and share a restricted video. I’ve done that a couple of times. Below is a Vimeo video. The newest from AvaStar/Machinimatrix. It is about AvaStar 2.0 and Project Bento.

NOTE: AvaStar 2.x only uploads to the Preview Grid (ADITI). If you use a Collada file made with 2.x, attempting to upload it to the main grid causes an error.

As the video points out Project Bento is changing. If you have and feedback about Bento or you see problems, let the Lab know NOW. Remember. To be heard you need to demonstrate your point with a model or animation. Video demonstrating the point works too. Without a good example the Lindens don’t have the time to figure out what you’re saying. They will listen and if your words make sense to them, they may even take action. But, I highly recommend a good example.


*I searched using ‘secondlife’ rather than ‘second life’ as it provides more results related to “Second Life” the Linden Lab product. Adding the space to separate the words adds in a huge number of unrelated hits, e.g., the second life of tires… refrigerators, cars, shoes…

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