CtrlAltStudio Oculus Update

CtrlAltStudio has released a new version of their Oculus Rift Viewer: SDK 0.6:

356 Into the light

Into the light

The announcement is here: CtrlAltStudio Viewer Updated to Oculus SDK 0.6:

You’ll find the viewer works in Direct and Extended Rift modes. There are lots more little details discussed in the announcement.

I find this interesting, quoting David Rowe:

I can achieve a pretty smooth 75 FPS experience on the Rift if the scene’s not too complex, though only if I have my main monitor set to 120Hz. If I set it to 60Hz I only get a somewhat juddery 65 FPS on the Rift. I haven’t looked into this yet and am keen to hear how other people get on. Note: You can use Ctrl+Shift+1 to display a statistics window in Riftlook.

At 75 FPS it would be close enough to 90 FPS to be usable for extended periods.

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