CtrlAltStudio Viewer 2015 to 2016 Plan

There are some dates for Rift delivery, a SDK 1.0 December 2015. Don’t confuse the DK1 and 2 with the SDK’s that have been coming out. The consumer CV1 Rift will finally be delivered, sometime in Q1 2016.

My avatar has Oculus Rift before I do!

My avatar has Oculus Rift before I do!

David Rowe believes the Lab will finalize their Rift Viewer when the consumer Rift has a release date. When that happens he plans to stop development of the CtrlAltStudio Viewer. Until then he says;

…I am trying to find time to keep CtrlAltStudio Viewer somewhat up to date. Unfortunately, time is in short supply for me these days. However, I have the code working with SDK 0.6 in direct mode with a basic software cursor. (There’s no hardware cursor in direct mode.) I have a few issues to sort out and will release an alpha as soon as possible, “as is”, to see how people find it. Not polished but should be usable.

After that, I may update to a more recent Firestorm codebase, or perhaps update to SDK 0.7 or even SDK 1.0. It just depends on Oculus and Firestorm updates, people’s needs, and my time availability.

So, we may see a couple more releases of the CtrlAltStudio Viewer and possibly see the code move to a Firestorm Viewer. But, there are a lot of if’s in that plan.

3 thoughts on “CtrlAltStudio Viewer 2015 to 2016 Plan

  1. I have visited the ctrl-at-studio-viewer page a few minutes before coming here. I thought that the post you are writing about must be old and outdated since SDK 0.7 was already released a few weeks ago. Who is still using SDK 0.6? I’d say close to no one. At least I won’t go back to SDK 0.6, since the update brought so many improvements.

    As I have a DK2 since the beginning, I have been following LL project viewers and CTRL-ALT from the beginning. I am therefore surprised by David Rowe’s expectation that LL might release an SL viewer with rift mode.

    The very reason why LL decided to finally pull SL2.0 aka project sansar off, was that they deemed it impossible to achieve the necessary framerates for DK2, and even less for a CV1.

    That said I was kind of said that they never even really tried. There was one single programmer working on the rift project viewer and I really wasn’t sure if she knew what she was doing. The option menu was totally bugged, which made it impossible to reduce the graphics quality and get fps up at all versions of the rift project viewer. CTRL-ALT had much better framerates at the time.

    So I think that the Lab gave the idea up too quick and instead concentrated right away on project Sansar.

    I would love to see a CV1 rift version of SL, but I think it is never going to happen, unless some great talented TPV coders like David Rowe get it done one day… 😉

    • The versions are confusing, at least I am confused because I’m not working with them.

      The Lab has an Oculus Rift project viewer. They keep thinking they are going to update it. But, it has been months since they brought it current with the main viewer. Oz Linden keeps saying they are going to update it. So, I doubt they have given up on it. But, obviously no one is working on it. Oz had said they will do more with it as the Oculus retail release date nears.

      Seeing the specs for good Oculus performance, I have no doubt using Oculus with SL is going to be way less than winning.

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