Second Life News Bits Week 39

VR Headset Sales

Hypergrid Business has an article out on VR Headset sales. 300,000 headsets per month. That is 4+ million per year. See: Alibaba, Taobao selling 300,000 VR headsets a month for more details and which units are selling the most.

CtrlAltStudio Adds Interface for Oculus

CtrlAltStudio Adds Interface for Oculus

Bright Canopy Returns

Bright Canopy is the company replacing SL Go. They bring Second Life to tablets and other low GPU power devices. See: Bright Canopy. Run Second Life in your web browser

Vive Headset Awesome

Maria Korolov has written about her experience using the Vive VR headset being designed by Steam & HTC. According to her Vive is as far ahead of Oculus Rift SDK2 as Rift is ahead of Google Cardboard, which is impressive.

Check out her account of the experience: The Vive demo blew me away.

Cable Robot Simulator for VR

One of the big problems I see with VR is running into the coffee table. But, someone has gotten the idea they can use a cable system to suspend people and move according to what they do. If you watch football (the USA kind) you see a field camera from time to time. It is the one on cables.

The idea is to use the same tech but hook it up to a platform for you to sit on/in and have it controlled by your motions. So, flying a plane could be very much like being in one of the Disney rides that uses one of the Boeing simulators, the big boxes on hydraulic legs.

See Hamlets New World Notes: Would You Like to Experience Virtual Reality While Suspended from a Cable System in Real Life?

Sansar Affect on SL Survey

Hamlet has a poll on his site asking how Project Sansar is changing your use and spending in Second Life. See: Survey: Has Project Sansar Changed Your Second Life Usage or Spending Patterns?

Please stop by and take the survey.

Max Graft on Virtual Reality

If you don’t know who Max is… well you don’t know. However, this year he has spent a huge amount of time learning all he could about AR and VR (Augmented Reality – Google Glass is/was AR). Now he has written a long article on the subject. Or more accurately a treatise.

See: A Treatise on Digital Reality Or the discussion on SLUniverse.

Planetouched Wilds

Pictures from Planetouched Wilds were released. This is part of a Virtual Reality built for the Rift by Trion. Check out the images at Planetouched Wilds.

Seeing images of what others are building for VR shows where the quality bar is for new games. I am assuming this is the quality they are building into Project Sansar.

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