Server Update Week 34

Calab Linden has taken over posting information about Second Life™ server updates. We get a lot less information than we did with Simon Linden. Whether that is the difference in people or just that less work is being done on server updates, I don’t know.

Client: In the wind - cropped

Client: In the wind – cropped

This week there was no roll to the main channel this week. 

Today, Wednesday, there was a single package rolled to just one of the RC channels. All the release notes tell us is there are internal fixes to improve inventory performance. Calab tells us only the Blue Steel channel is getting this roll… nothing about what the inventory improvement is supposed to do. If we notice something… may be that is it.

We’ll probably hear more on Thursday. attendance at the Thursday meeting is deceasing.

Le Tigre and Magnum continue to run the package rolled to the main channel yesterday.

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