Second Life and Oculus Rift

I and other in Second Life™ are waiting for the retail release of the Oculus Rift. Jo Yardley has an article on the Oculus Rift. Seems she is announcing they have an announcement about a coming announcement… See: Oculus announcement about the Rift Headset, it is coming. It is all about this video:

Release of the Rift headset is still planned for first quarter 2016. The video tells us nothing. All we see is the version of the hardware to be released. Jo has lots of information about the Rift in her article. 

She and I are wondering whether Project SANSAR will be far enough along to take advantage of the excitement around the release of the Oculus. We both doubt it. While I think Project SANSAR could be in open beta, I can’t see it being any farther along than that. Then there is that thing of getting user content into the world.

There is also the problem of Second Life being a sub-standard platform for Oculus. Everything we hear now it that lag in SL will be too much for a really enjoyable experience. Oz Linden and crew are working on that. But, they’ll only be able to do so much. SL has what Ebbe rightly labeled suboptimal content. Even if the Lab gets out the tools we need to be more critical of suboptimal content, like not buy it, what is already on the grid and coming in everyday is going to remain a problem for some time.

I have to wonder how much a bad experience, or at best a less than ideal one, will sour people on the Lab’s work? Hopefully that won’t be a significant problem.

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    • Apple is working on a VR something from rumors and small leaks. So, I expect support is coming.

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