Second Life Bits Week 21

Bright Canopy

For Second Life™ users Bright Canopy is software and service taking the place of the discontinued SL Go as the software for phones, tablets, and under powered computers to use for accessing Second Life. Hamlet of New World Notes is playing with it. He doesn’t seem to be having much success. Read about his experience here: First Look at New SL Streaming Service Bright Canopy.

Two Sides

Two Sides by Carthalis Rossini, on Flickr

Some People…

There are those that pay little to no attention to what Linden Lab is doing or saying. The headline from a blog article caught my attention: Linden Bear digs grave. Did a Linden die? No. 

Reading the article I find out someone made a Linden Bear and grave for the MagicBoxes we have used for years to move good into the SL Marketplace.

I also found out the author has not been paying attention to what the Lab is doing with SANSAR and Second Life. Rather sad.

Advanced Experience Tools

Here and there we are hearing of and seeing in use parts of this new major feature; Advanced Experience Tools (AET). Inara has discovered that the new user experience is using that feature. See: Second Life new user experience now with Experience Keys.

From what she describes the change should be helpful to new users. Check it out.

Philip Rosedale at Neuro Gaming Conference

There is a video, sort of, of his speech on Virtual Reality. They seem to have had a problem with his slides. So, the released video is more of a slide show so we can see his slides. 30 min Video.

Philip gets into the technical aspects of the speeds needed for Virtual Reality. For instance, band members will not be able to do virtual get together seccessions. They mean where the band members are in different places trying to play together connected by VR. Once latency is longer than 15 ms it just doesn’t work. They need to be inside the same RL room to play together.

You may notice in one of the slides that Philip has bought into the idea that government run schools are underfunded. If you believe that too, you need to pull the data on public and private schools performance and cost per student and do a comparison.

Philip gets into what the projected future computer power will be like. It is amazing.

Free Photo Editing Software

Serif has announced its Affinity Photo BETA is out and free. Download.

This is Mac only software. OS 10.7.5 or late and 64 bit.


There are viruses and Trojans that capture your computer and refuse you access to your data. They are usually a real pain to remove. There is now a free Ransomeware Removal Kit. See: Cybercrime.

Get the kit before you get the Trojan. Save it on a USB stick or DVD.



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