Gaia Clary Explains Second Life Fitted Mesh

I am finding there is a wide variation in how well fitted mesh fits. Some brands work very well. Others only look good if you stand still. Others have noticed this too. I just saw someone on Fab Free comment that when trying demos you needed to walk around, sit down, and jump to test the demo fully. Good advice.

If you are thinking about fitted mesh, Gaia has one of better explanations of what it is here:

Gaia is working with the ideas of giving AvaStar away free and charging for the tutorials or charging more for AvaStar and giving the tutorials away for free. I have no idea what Gaia will decide. I wish Gaia a profitable business whatever is decided.

One thought on “Gaia Clary Explains Second Life Fitted Mesh

  1. Domino Marama & Gaia Clary, a great team…
    GAIA and DOMINO has done a great job since primstar launch. Their work and tutorial are renound accross 3D metaverse. Congratulation for their hard work. Hope for them all the success they deserve.

    The usual trend is to give away basic program and tutorial for free. Once the user has find the product usefull, and is ready for advance options. Charge for the upgraded option , the advance training , and support. Usually the later users are more interested people ready to value the service offered.

    One must not forget that Avastar work and immense contribution to community is base on blender modification. Blender is opensource released under the GNU General Public License (GPL, or “free software”). That ties them for free or for fee to share their modifications when they also share the software in public.

    Hope it helps


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