Second Life: Takes on the Meet Up

I see that as an effort to limit the attendance to something the regions can handle and to vary who gets in. In way it serves to allow a larger variety of people to make it into a meeting in a fair a way.  Will the Lindens do something similar?

The Wetlands at Duet

The Wetlands at Duet by Korgi Lerwick, on Flickr

No matter what happens there will be some interest in what the Lindens are doing in world. They are sort of our royalty. I am American and about as interested in royalty as I am in chicken ranching… not. But, I am as interested in what the Lindens are doing with SL as I am in chocolate. Understanding Lindens, their personalities, and thinking allows me to better communicate with them.

I like things with a purpose; tools, philosophies, meetings… there doesn’t seem to be much purpose I can take from these meet ups. So, I am less likely to attend, they become a low priority. That doesn’t mean I’m not curious or will stay way.

When I first came to second Life the Lab was sponsoring the SL Birthday Parties. Residents built most of the exhibits. Lindens would wonder around the regions and talk with people. There was a lot of good one-to-one conversations. Something I think was a near impossibility at this Meet Up.

I think Lindens wondering through Fantasy Faire would have been interesting and given a supportive boost to Fantasy Faire.

I am happy with however Lindens participate in the day to day world of Second Life. The more the better. That management would give employees work time to do that is pretty awesome. I suspect it will provide a good return, but I am not sure it will be a return accounting can see in their statistics.

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  1. People responded well to detailed blog postings about what is going on. Those should be continued. To just have eighty people every once in a while stand around in a sim is pointless.

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