Second Life: Did You Know…

Premium Membership

Yesterday Linden Lab announced a new benefit for Premium Members. I think it is a benefit…

Tea time @ Silky's Café

Tea time @ Silky’s Café by Caitlin ‘Caity’ Tobias, on Flickr

When we log into Second Life™ we often find our messages are capped at 25. That limit has changed for Premium Members, it is now 50. This isn’t a big deal, unless it is for you. But, we are getting a nice collection of benefits for membership. 

See: A New Perk for Premium Subscribers.

One of the recent server upgrades was said to have changes that would benefit premium members. I suppose this is the result of that change or one of the benefits. I would suspect there are more coming even if the Lindens hadn’t said, “…and we’ll be adding even more benefits and features for subscribers throughout the year.

If we can just get them to fix those Notices with attachments and landmarks that have timed out… That is obviously not a simple fix, because we have been asking for it for some time now.


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