Second Life in the News Week 14

Another article about Second Life appeared in, of all place, the Leavenworth Times…

See: This company was 13 years early to virtual reality — and it’s getting ready to try again


CUTE BABES by Anna Ivanovna (Genesis Lab. owner), on Flickr

Matt Weinberger wrote the article and did a decent job of it. Matt is focusing on the business possibilities the new VR revolution is offering. 

Matt points out that at Second Life’s peak there were 1.1 million unique monthly logins. Matt does not see the drop to 900,000 unique month logins over nine year as a ‘sharp drop’. I agree. Matt also points out that users are taking US$60 million a year of real world money out of Second Life.

Matt has obviously talked to, or at least listened to, Ebbe Altberg the Linden Lab CEO. He gets into the goals being set for the ‘Next Generation Platform’.

  • Make it easier for people to find cool, relevant stuff.
  • Make it possible for more people to attend and experience that cool stuff (Duran Duran did a free concert in Second Life once, but only 50 people could fit in the room for technical reasons).
  • Make it possible for people to make money in new ways from their stuff (like letting people who run virtual classrooms rent out the technology to other universities).

If you read other articles on the site, you find they are up on virtual reality/worlds.

In all it is a good story and accurate.

It may be that the Lindens have taken Jo Yardley’s advice and have actively started working to change the image of Second Life.

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