Second Life’s Return to Last Position

Jessica and Oz were discussing the blog article Jessica put up: ‘Restore to Last Position’ Needs You’, in the third party developers meeting, Friday (3/28). There are now 389 comments (as I write) by people explaining how they use the feature and why they need it.

Nobody Wants To Talk About The Elephant In The Room

Nobody Wants To Talk About The Elephant In The Room by Connie Arida, on Flickr

Oz Linden is making his way through the comments and is about half way. He promises to read them all.

His take is that there are definite use-cases that need to be handled. He remains unconvinced that RTLP is the best solution. You will find the discussion at TM: 22:00±. 

There is still disagreement about whether RTLP is causing content loss. The Firestorm team thinks not, the Lindens think so. I am believe there is no loss for people using the Firestorm viewer or the SL Viewer. I’m not sure about other viewers but, I suspect they have followed FS’ lead and block using RTLP on no-copy items. So, technically we should not be losing things to RTLP. However, how we define lost is the key.

If the user cannot find the thing they just rezzed, it is lost. The FS Team seems to define lost as meaning: no longer in inventory and unrecoverable. I take it that the Lab considers a person lost something when they come to support crying because they can’t find it.

Since RTLP can cause things to rez below ground and many people can’t find things below ground, the things are basically lost…

Whatever is decided about RTLP, the Lindens do NOT plan to turn it off any time soon.

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