Second Life: Next Generation Platform Update-VIII 2015


Access via mobile devices is all the thing. Provided the new Net Neutrality bureaucracy doesn’t kill of the Net like it did the railroads, this is probably the biggest area of potential growth for NGP. Can they get it working well for mobile devices?

New Bauhaus building at Alexanderplatz

New Bauhaus building at Alexanderplatz by Jo Yardley, on Flickr

SL Go is proof it is possible. Will Linden Lab acquire SL Go? Or develop something of their own? Can a mobile device render a Virtual World (VW) in real time? I think that is a very shaky proposition. Since Ebbe has the Lab developing for VR and PC first, he may see it as a serious challenge. But, mobile is in their plan. This means things are being developed with mobile in mind. Access via mobile devices is a certainty. It is the when that is a question.

Experience Access

With Experience Tools coming we are likely to see some serious game development. In SL I expect to see game prototypes. I doubt SL can ever provide the performance gamers demand. But, Oz is working o n that. So, may be.

In the past SL provided game owners access to their game from outside SL. People could be limited to logging into just that specific game. I don’t how much that was used and I don’t see that it survived. But, Ebbe is talking about giving educators more control over who can access their experiences. They need to be able to keep flying-penises (peni?) out of their classrooms.

If educators can control access then other experience owners can control access. I suppose they will have direct login access to their regions/experiences as SL did in the past. Perhaps as a student there will be a class signup that creates an avatar with limited travel abilities and a preset Home somewhere on the campus.

An experience user whether in a classroom or in a game might never know they are in NGP.


I am certain access will be wider and better and more diverse. I can only hope the various types of access provided will be as useable as I hope. All we know for certain is the Lindens are looking at access in all its forms. We just don’t know what they are seeing or thinking is important.

2 thoughts on “Second Life: Next Generation Platform Update-VIII 2015

  1. Voice is a bad way of communication, especially in virtual worlds and in roleplays ! Then we get to the point that using voice to text is not going to work very good too. Reading english is not so hard, or writing. But speak it so a voice translator understands it. Bad choice.

    It’s a shame that company’s not spend more time in keep software readable and workable.Especially virtual worlds.

    Reading all the posts, i can only make one conclusion if ebby don’t change fast some idea’s. Users can better move to opensim and if the can run there own sim. It’s much cheaper too.

    Yes, i get more and more dissapointed about the new things, because the are making the same mistakes again. Instead of doing itright from the begin. GOOD LARGE FONT SUPPORT ebby !

    • I am using a lot of voice to text apps now. They work amazingly well. Nuance sells Dragon Naturally Speaking and provides voice to text for various smart phones. So, going that direction is not a problem. In Word using commands makes dictation way faster than typing and clicking. I can speak a title and command ‘click Heading 2 new line’ to get a heading far faster than via keyboard and mouse.

      Your reading my ideas of what I think Ebbe thinks based on a very few comments. You, and the rest of us, have no full or certain idea what they are thinking or doing. But, if you want to choose to be a pessimist based on what we do have, you are free to do so.

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