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Jo Yardley has written: Music videos shot in Second Life and why we need more of them. She is on about promoting the nicer side of Second Life. I agree with her. Drax is into such promotion too. His radio show ( and World Builders videos are evidence of his passion for the subject.

Jo thinks music videos have the possibility of going viral and thus are a good way to get a positive impression of Second Life out to the world. That is certainly a possibility. But the chances of any video going viral is slim.

There is a lot of amazing stuff out showing Second Life in positive ways. But, few people see it. The problem is getting the positive example into people’s faces. Think about that. What do I need to do to get my “information” in front of you and have you look at it? Remember. I don’t know you, your phone number, address, or email.

A music video that goes viral reaches a few million people. Most music videos do well to break 100,000 views.

The above video has just under 76,000 and was uploaded in 2009. 

This is the same song made by a good talent in Second Life. It has less than 2,500 views and it too was uploaded in 2009.

This video got 350,000+ views. It too was uploaded in 2009. Why did it do so well?

There is more too this than just making good content with popular music. One really needs to understand how to promote the content. How do you get me to look at your music video or whatever? Do you use a radio ad, TV ad, banner ad, send me an email (how do you get my address?), spam my blog?

The most effective advertising tool on the net is Bing/Google/Yahoo search. So, we need to get the music video to come up in the search engine and label it with a catchy title that will get people to click. This is no easy task.

Just a tip… the only keyword phrases in gaming that pulls anything more than MEDIUM traffic (tens of thousands per day) is Free Games, Play Free, Virtual Game, and Computer Games. These each pull about 1.1 million per day. (Data per Google AdWords Keyword Tool.)

Marketing is a big money game. Everyone has the same problem, how do I get your attention for my product? The marketing companies sell an answer that is in demand. We have the same challenge promoting or view of Second Life.

Jo has the link for the After the Storm video on her article. It is on Vimeo and you can see the stats for the video there. (Link)

This is a nice video and it has been on Vimeo for 8 months. But, very few people have seen it. It just has not been promoted. Jo and I linking to it has upped its views, but we are preaching to the choir. This needs to reach the eyes of those unfamiliar with Second Life.

I like Pepa’s first machinima better. (Link) …and where can I find that dance animation?

I love the videos. But, few people have gotten to see them.

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  1. One of the best I saw for timing and editing is New Shoes by Paolo Nuitini, Video made my TommyLee Nightfire

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