Second Life in the Media

Inara Pey has written a good rebuttal to a rather retarded article appearing on by Marlon McDonald. You’ll find that article here: These Strange Stories Prove Second Life Isn’t The Dreamworld You Believed…

Blood Letters #19

Blood Letters #19

Inara’s rebuttal appears on her blog and to’s credit they have posted a version of the article. See: A rebuttal to one-dimensional writing and The Strange Stories about Second Life that Totally Miss The Mark!

Main stream writers are producing less and less information that is accurate or connected to reality. Much of what is written and published is to serve one agenda or another. We are seeing more and more non-journalists correcting matters. I am not saying that Inara isn’t a journalist or reporter. I am saying that the majority of journalist/reporters are not doing the job we expect from them.

I congratulate Inara on an awesome rebuttal with supporting references. Please visit the her article on and leave a comment. This is a good page to save a link to for future reference and to hand out when some other lame article appears.

2 thoughts on “Second Life in the Media

  1. Thanks, Nal!

    I would just like to point out that I wrote the rebuttal directly on the Moviepilot site, there is no version on my blog.

    The “my rebuttal” article on my site is simply to point people to the Moviepilot piece, as the more people reading it there, the greater the visibility it gets among Moviepilot users, and so better offer them an alternative point-of-view to that of Mr. McDonald.

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