Second Life Bits 2014-45


I am finding lots of people that make amazing images using Second Life. Blanche Foxclaw is one of the people that is posting images I like.

Silver (Close-Up)

Nebraska Oddfish has posted an image of her ‘average experience… a small number of people are complaining about this problem.

My average SL experience these days...

Fab Free Help Wanted

Fabulously Free is looking to add bloggers to their family of writers to help with their blog. See: Want To Join Our Blogging Team? The requirements, guide lines, and applications questions are all on the page.

Jingweidu Technology Co., Ltd

Jingweidu Technology Co., Ltd is taking pre orders for their Oculus Rift knock-off. Hypergrid Business has an article on it. See: Chinese Oculus alternative hits the market. (US$327± depending on the day’s exchange rate.)

3 thoughts on “Second Life Bits 2014-45

  1. Oh yes, I had Nebraska’s experience as well – do they know what is causing it? Looked like some sort of forgetfulness to load textures by the system to me.

    • Not yet. I suspect there are some timing issues causing problems in the new Interest List. The change to pipeline HTTP and CDN seem to be aggravating the problem. Whirly Fizzle is trying to determine of CDN/HTTP is contributing or not by using regions in ADITI not changed over to CDN and viewers without the pipeline change.

    • Mmhmm i might be having her same issue. I filed a jira with a video yesterday, and got Monty and Whirly digging on it. I think they might appreciate more info :]

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