Second Life News 2014-43

Group Chat

There are new group chat servers and new code running. Don’t expect a miracle. But, things should be better. The Lindens aren’t saying anything. They are waiting to see if anyone notices the change.

The Trace - Oct 2014

The Trace – Oct 2014

Yesterday the Lindens were updating the chat servers, which are a backend service. People report having gotten odd chat error messages. Hopefully that was during the server change out.


The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is going to be active on ALL the RC channels as of Wednesday (10/22). Figure that change will be complete by late Wednesday morning. This will put 30±% of the grid on CDN.

It appears it has run well on Blue Steel. So far, no anomalies or problems. If there are no problems in this larger test, I expect this to roll out to the main channel next week. With it we will probably see the HTTP Pipeline Viewer rolling out as the default viewer. 


The main channel got the package previously running on Le Tigre and Magnum. This package has a crash fix and improves pipelining for Abuse Reports. Neither are things you’ll notice.

RC Channels

Blue Steel is still running the Texture Fetching changes for CDN. It gets some fixes, but remains mostly the same.

Le Tigre and Magnum will join Blue Steel and run the same package, which puts all the RC regions on CDN, as said above.

The Snack channel sort of gets rolled into the RC channels until it is needed again. You may see regions listed as running Snack. But, they will be running the same software and configuration as one of the RC channels.

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