Second Life Drama About Pictures

Seems I missed most of it… I’m not disappointed. Seems Iris Ophelia (RL: Janine Hawkins) wrote an article for Paste Magazine titled 10 Best MMO’s. Second Life was listed as 6th, not bad. My Myst-Uru MMO didn’t make it at all, but it never went massive… But, it wasn’t the writing or 6th place that bothered people. It was a bad picture of what SL looks like.

Lost Eden Love Shack - 2014

Lost Eden Love Shack – 2014

People took it to Twitter and soon the Lab had posted 30± new images to their Flickr account, bringing it to a collection of 99 images of SL, Blocksworld, Patterns, and other Linden Lab products. You can see them here: Linden Lab @ Flickr. Iris/Janine sent a nice image to Paste Mag and got the bad one removed. By the time I saw the article it had been replaced. So, my first thought was, “Huh! Nice image for a change.” 

The images are all Creative Commons Attribution requiring a credit and link to the CC license and are no commercial use (follow the link to see what people think that means). The link to CC License is not bad, but it is a pain. But, the non-commercial… OMG! In the USA and some other places the CC non-Commercial is thought to prohibit use on any web site making money, from advertising or otherwise… like Paste Mag. So, I’m not at all sure these images really help anybody.

It doesn’t matter if such non-commercial use is actually legal or not. Since most people think it is illegal, those people won’t use the images.

The Lab could put good images out without trying to control them. Why encumber them? What are people going to do with images of Second Life that they aren’t already doing? There is already NO control. Why pass along the same rights they demand from everyone else producing SL content and images?

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