Chat Log from Future of Second Life

I like the idea of having fun now. After all it looks like we have two years at a minimum of Second Life left. And probably many more years.

I like the idea of being worried about supporting myself and not the Lab. I think it shows an avoidance of the victim mentality and acceptance of personal responsibility. If I’m making money in Second Life, I’m pretty sure I can make money in the new world.

Animations; I only thought a little bit about animations. But it seems obvious with so many people wanting a new skeleton (animation armature) for various creature animations and improved avatar animation that the Lab will have to build a new skeleton. If you have tried to migrate animations from one armature to another you know how ridiculously complex and tedious that can be.

As to Linden Lab’s track record, I’ll say it really depends on how you look at things. Second Life is the most successful virtual world to date. Notice I didn’t say most successful game. So, in doing things right, they don’t necessarily do them the way we think is best. And that historically has left us short of what we thought Second Life could be. But I can’t say the Lab’s record is consistently bad. They have done some marvelous things.

You can’t take RL stuff  with you when you die. Now there’s an idea. In the chat log you’ll find several people brought up similar ideas. Why buy a new car? It’s just going to wear out. You buy a new one and get rid of it. And there were lots of other examples. I think these questions should wake people up and give them some perspective on the inventory. Of course if you are a hoarder you’re not going to get any kind of perspective.

The Haters

  • Linden Lab has a bad history of lies and deceit.
  • They will fail as they always do.
  • They shoot themselves in the foot all the time anyway!
  • SL can never convince me of that.

Haters are the people that are not only uninformed they are venomous. I suspect that they don’t even consider how slanderous and hurtful they are being. Nor do they see things via the larger picture. I see such people as small and icky.

The Insane

  • They think they are fooling us
  • They are throwing us a bone so we don’t panic
  • They keep us till they don’t need us anymore
  • But they don’t care about us , they are just packing up and leaving us
  • I have not bought shoes since 2005
  • OK, we spend 1000’s more then they kill it off in a few years tell us to start from scratch again that’s crap!!!!

These are the people that I feel are completely out of touch with reality. I’m sure that the lindens would love to be able to fool us. But I’m totally convinced they know way better than that.

Throwing us bones… I don’t even know where to start on this one. Ebbe had to make a choice and he decided to tell us about the new world. This gives us time to plan and make decisions. As many have pointed out this could create an economic downturn for Second Life. Only time will tell if that happens. Risk not a bone…

That Ebbe respects us enough to tell us says a lot. Many CEOs would hide the information to the last possible minute.

I don’t see how anyone would think telling us of a new world would do anything to encourage our remaining in Second Life. Of course new users will have no clue about. So, that doesn’t make any difference to the new at all. No bone there.

Packing up and leaving us… And who’s paying the electric bill to run the servers for Second Life? I mean like in writing the check.

Not caring… They have staff assigned to Second Life, they are hiring new people to build a new world (for us) and hoping we will come join them in the new world. They don’t sound all that disinterested to me.

The most insane thing I’ve heard is somebody hasn’t bought shoes since 2005. NOW that is insanity.

And the comment about ‘they kill it off’… This one is just so far out of touch with reality the person is probably beyond any kind of help. We, the users, will decide if Second Life moves on or dies by voting with our dollars. Linden Lab really has no control over that. Some people are just clueless. 

4 thoughts on “Chat Log from Future of Second Life

  1. ”Cinder Roxley brought up the point that I hadn’t thought of. For a viewer or browser to display anything on your computer somewhere a server has to transmit information to it. That means someone can monitor the data stream leaving their computer coming into the computer from the servers and reverse engineer a viewer/browser to do the same thing. So, open source or not there is a possibility for third-party viewers.”

    Not if the client (the \viewer\) associated with SL v2.0 is a \lightweight\ one, such as a web browser… Who tells you there will be a dedicated viewer at all ?… A WebGL enabled browser could be what will be needed to log in SL v2.0, and all the data processing could be done server-side, meaning no data but rendering related one would have to be transmitted to the \viewer\. This would make it pretty impossible to design a third party viewer (or even a third party UI/skin for SL 2.0)…
    I of course hope it will not be the case, because after 2007, LL lost all sanity in UI designing (till the release of the first \voice\ viewer (1.18.2), I loved every UI change that got implemented by LL, but starting with 1.18.2, it went down-hill with every new release, thus my involvement in TPV development), but I alas think the probability is high that LL will attempt to make access to SL v2.0 dependent on just a web browser. In this case, however, LL could design their web-based \viewer\ software with some \plugability\ or skinning features, allowing to at least let third party developers to design an alternate UI… But I doubt it would be among their top-priority, at least in at first.

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