Microsoft VR Headset

Yeah, you knew this was coming, right? Well, there were two versions announced on April 1st  about Microsoft putting out home and enterprise version VR headsets. The enterprise version would be named:  Microsoft Office© Oculu 2014 Enterprise Edition™, yeah… that is a name the MS people would come up with. The home or consumer version is named Project Neo. OK, that is a bit more user friendly.

What supposedly leaked about Project Neo is:

  • 640×480 LCD Screen
  • 37 degrees Field of View
  • Custom 2DOF Tracking System called “DOF Mode”.
  • Exclusive to the Xbox One
  • Minesweeper VR to be launch title

I suspect using a Project Neo headset with specs like these would be like looking through a tube.

The enterprise version Oculu would be more Oculus Rift like. But, they tell of some nutty idea that looking at a flat Excel spreadsheet in a virtual environment is going to get an accountant’s panties…  er… heart throbbing. It’s not gonna happen. OutlookVR 2014… I don’t think so.

So, I’m not seeing Oculu VR going into the mainstream business offices. Just imagine trying to get that cute 24-year-old accountant with the long big-hair and a nice do to put on a headset and muss her hair… There is where you are going to find some serious blow back. And what is that headset going to do to my make up? And what if I have my lashes on?

Obviously these were major April Fools jokes. But, do expect Microsoft to come up with something.


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