AvaStar Update 2014-13

Gaia Clary has some news up on the Machinimatrix.org site. It is announced that AvaStar and PrimStar­‑2 will no longer install in Blender versions before 2.70. Uuuummmm… I could have said that better. With Blender 2.70 you will need newer versions of AvaStar and PrimStar-2 to be able to install them.

Gaia also explains a problem that some of have run into when installing AvaStar updates. When one removes AvaStar then installs a newer version, the install fails. I figured out that I needed to uninstall the plugin, save the User Preferences, exit Blender, restart Blender, then install the updated AvaStar.

Gaia says a person can uninstall, install the update, then restart Blender and activate the updated plugin. Either way a restart is needed.

If I understand correctly, this is a problem in the Blender install process. So, it may be with us for a time.


This morning the current test version of AvaStar is: avastar-1-1-1038_blender-2-65.


Gaia is raising support for the Gooseberry project. Gooseberry is a project to make a full length 90 minute video using Blender. The effort is seen as advancing Blender.  Tools and features in Blender will be added and improved. So, support for the project is also support for Blender.

See: Project Gooseberry. Help where you can.

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