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Well maybe…

I’m looking for a new theme for this blog. I am trying this one out, SUNSPOT. I kinda like it. I’ll give it a few days.

The feed in the old theme is broken. Somewhere in the code I built I added a space into the output where I shouldn’t have. Ever since I started getting notes that the feed was broken I’ve been looking for the problem. I’ve traced it into the theme. But, I have not been able to find the mistake. With this theme that should be fixed.

Thanks for the notes about it being broken. If it is still not working let me know.

I’ll be adding back in my advertising and other widgets over the next few days. Most of the important stuff is there. Plus this is a responsive design so it should be better for phones and tablets. I hate the menu on phones and tablets. I’ll either customize it or replace the theme just because of that. But, it is useable and I do like the look on a desk top.

Comments are welcome.

23 thoughts on “New Blog Appearance

  1. The only significant issue I see is that the off white text is somewhat difficult to read.
    One unusual thing is that it indexes to the left of my screen rather than centering.
    I rather like the look though, very clean.

  2. Looks great, but somehow the follow-widget is blocking the text on my phone (I had the same problem with the old theme). Also maybe add a Second Life picture, e.g. your avi like you had before.

  3. This new one is SO much easier to read . . . I have some vision impairment and the last one I had a great deal reading. Thank you for experimenting!

  4. I like the new layout. It’s better than the old one. Above all, it uses more width in my browser, making it easier to read.

    But the best thing is, that your RSS feed is working again. So I finally have all important SL blogs united on my igHome page 🙂

    Thank you!

    • I understand that for some black-on-white is their preference, often for very practical or necessary reasons. But, I really dislike displaying images on white backgrounds. The ideal background is a 50% neutral gray. But, I find shades of gray too stark.

      From the feedback so far, the black background in the previous theme was not all that popular. I was growing toward believing the contrast too harsh. I am surprised at how readable I find this new brown-on-brown text. I find the small text very readable on my S4.

      So, I will be disappointing you and mostly keeping this layout design. Still, I do appreciate your feedback.

      I do have the theme in a design frame and I will be making changes. I find the links in text are overpowering. I plan to tone them down. And there are some other things to be fixed or tweaked. Hopefully you’ll be able to tolerate it here.

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