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Shug Maitland has an article up pointing to Why moving a shop to Marketplace ‘hurts’ the SL economy. She prefers to shop in-world, where she can see what she is buying and demo it. I suspect many of us have similar preferences.

She uses the Market Place as an index and search engine for Second Life. In-world search sucks so badly we have little choice. That says something when we consider how bad the Market Place search is. I often end up using Google via a manual search command like: gesture vendor 

The article points out how loss of land tier from merchants using the Market Place rather then in-world stores deprives the SL economy of a significant sum. There aren’t any numbers/statistics on how much or little effect this has on SL or Linden Lab. So, that makes this conjecture. But, it seems reasonable.

Because there was a recent survey about the Market Place run by the Lab, I am assuming something is being planned for the Market Place. There is also the Desura factor to consider. I speculated last year that we may see some form of the Market Place combined with Desura, thus allowing SL merchants to sell to Desura game makers. It seems reasonable to me that a Market Place change may be coming.

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  1. Shopping inworld (or moving around a lot in general) is a horrible experience. Usually I crash after teleporting 2 or 3 times, freeze or when crossing a sim I just keep flying into the nirvana. I see many objects missing or bodyparts of other people. Some textures do not load and just stay grey, but really a lot of them are just blurry. Sometimes textures load and then turn blurry after. So usually I prefer to just stay on my home sim. And No, my computer is not slow. I have a very fast and up to date computer. So my point is, until LL fixes SL, I very much prefer Marketplace shopping.

    • If you choose to think your computer, viewer installation, connection, avatar setup, and viewer settings are all just fine then you’ll get to keep having problems. It is up to you whether you continue to blame the Lab or decide to fix your problems.

      While I do have problems from time to time, usually after being on a couple of hours, it has been so long since I crashed, I’ve forgotten when it was. I teleport with rarely any problems and then it is usually the region I am leaving that is the problem. Textures render once and stay crisp. The Interesting RC Viewer renders areas faster than ever before.

      The textures rendering crisply and then going blurry is called texture thrashing. Mac users suffered this problem most often. It was a bad viewer setting that could be corrected. The viewer default setting causing the problem was changed last year. But, viewer settings can cause this thrashing problem. Not enough video memory for the Draw Distance usually causes the problem. Search this blog for the fixes.

      If everyone were having your problems, there would be a load of complaints in the SL Forum. Recently most of the problems found in the forum are connection or hardware related, with connection problems predominating. For most of us SL works well.

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