Win L$10k

There is a new contest that Linden Lab is running. The Lab wants to see how your avatar has evolved from 2013 to 2014. Get pictures. They are to chow the change from 2013 to 2014. Then visit Second Life’s Facebook page, like it, and look for the contest button.

The contest rules are here. Other details are there as well.

For the official announcement see: Enter the Second Life – New Year – New You Contest for a Chance to Win L$10,000

You may have a good chance to win this one… seems most of the entries are not following the rules, they do NOT show the progression from ’13 to ’14.

3 thoughts on “Win L$10k

  1. “…seems most of the entries are not following the rules…”

    What do you expect? This is a contest only for Facebook users.

  2. Linden Lab is excludeing a group of people with this action.
    Do the really think everybody have facebook ? the are very stupid.
    In this case i cannopt do the contest because facebook is stupid place
    so no account and not want account. And the worse thing,
    how do ypou tell LL the need to add fast alternative solution.

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