Second Life News 2013-44 #2

Simon Linden  has put together a server maintenance release. This package is mostly bug fixes. There is a fix for BUG-4142 which has to do with a ‘parcel full’ error associated with vehicle region crossings. We are also told that some teams have some other ‘shinnies’ included in the package. But, for now those are secret.

Server Beta Meeting 2013-44

Server Beta Meeting 2013-44

There are some hits that something is going on with “Fitted Mesh”… that is what the Mesh Deformer does. So, is there something going on? Probably. But, we have no clues. In any case this is what we would call preparatory work. Nothing to see folks.

At this time they doubt the package will make it through QA in time for next week’s RC roll out. They expect it to make for the week after.

This means there is nothing to roll to the RC channel next week (45).

The current RC maintenance package will likely roll to the main grid next week. So, we will likely have a week with the same server software running on all channels of the grid in week 45. 

Group Ban

Baker Linden tells us the Calab and Maestro Linden have been helping him with the Group Ban code. They have found some problems with how Baker went about doing some things. Baker is still kinda new to all this. So, those changes to improve integration with Linden systems are being implemented and Baker is thinking about how to revise some things to make his code conform to the Linden way of doing things. This means Group Ban is going to stay in QA for a while longer. Read that as no ETA.

Second Life FEED

You may have noticed your SL Feed ( behaving oddly. The web team is aware of the problem. You’ll know it is fixed when it starts working… Remember. It is the web team.


There has been discussion about adding some sound control functions. No one knows what they’ll be or when we may see them. But the Lindens are thinking about doing something. People are registering their wish lists.

The thinking is there may be some modulation (pitch) control.

Moving Regions

There was some discussion about how to move large builds from one region to another. That is a user case that supports the need for a ‘rez at last position’. Apparently the feature was added in 2010 when regions were being moved to Zindra.

So, if you have a need to move large builds, you may want to put in a JIRA Bug Report labeled Feature Request.

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