Second Life News 2013-43

There was a roll to the main channel today. This is the package that ran on all the RC channels. This is mostly a bug-fix package.

The Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed “Group member access to parcels fails when ‘Sell passes to’ is enabled” (BUG-3992[c])
  • Fixed “‘Ghost’ avatars and vehicles sometimes appear to an observer at the sim border” (BUG-3872[c])
  • Extremely high Avatar Render Weights reported to the server are now capped at 500,000 (BUG-4010[c])
  • Fixed “Vehicles which exit a region with a passenger are incorrectly auto-returned and become ‘ghost shapes’ in the physics engine” (BUG-4024[c])
  • Fixed a performance issue with avatar loading speed in the experimental ‘viewer-interesting’ viewer

RC Channels

No new packages will roll to the RC’s. It is not clear if they are going to be restarted or not. The package they were testing is the package rolling to the main channel. The result is both the main and RC channels will run the same version this week. So, a restart is not needed in the RC channels as the package is already running.

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