Second Life News 2013-41

This week there was no roll to the main server channel. That means none of the RC’s passed testing.

The RC’s

All three RC channels are going to run the same package as last week. There are, of course, fixes that were applied to the package. We will see those rollout Wednesday to the RC channels.

The package contains: a fix for the group notice delivery issue, introduces a missing JSON operation to LSL, and includes preparatory work for an upcoming viewer with scene loading (interest list) improvements.

The only change from last week’s version is addressing an issue with the llGetCameraRot() LSL function.

I doubt that llGetCameraRot() is the reason that the package was not advanced to the main channel. But, that is all I’ve heard.

UPDATE: May be the camera thing is enough to have held things up. See: Possible camera position problem, Magnum vs Release.

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