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Hamlet Au ran a poll on New World Notes asking if creative types had stopped creating and uploading to second life. Of the 266 poll participants 121 answered they have. There were 32 others that selected the other option. That gives us a total of 153 or about 57% that stopped uploading content to Second Life™.

You can see the poll result here: Linden Lab ToS Survey Results: Majority of Respondents Have Stopped Created/Selling Second Life Content.

As family points out, this TOS change has gone far beyond just drama. We are seeing a change in resident behavior. I have to wonder if this is starting to show up in the stats Linden Lab tracks. This would be a good question for people to be asking of the user group meetings.

7 thoughts on “More ToS Information

  1. Hopefully this situation will resolve with a ToS change, but maybe not. Whatever the case, I for one will not sell out by removing myself from SL’s creative pool. I have no expectation of entitlement in exchange for work, so the overarching issue is of little relevance to me other than as a political curiosity.

  2. This is really VERY sad for our comunity.
    At first I though that it may affect so few people who are too afraid of getting their work stolen. But later I saw how many important stores that I liked for many years stoped working and how many of my customers just stoped asking for custom meshes for the same reasson. I think this will be a big hit to SL economy and we sure will see the effects of all this at the begining of the new year.

    • I am wondering if the change is going to be measurable. I am not at all sure it will appear in the metrics the Lab pays attention to.

  3. 121 said yes, not 131.

    In terms of the two key questionss, there’s just a 3% difference and no overall majority.. Like it or not, that’s how the figures will be looked at by the Lab – no clear majority either way. The remaining 12%, regardless as to whether they are swayed towards no longer uploading content or not, will be ignored as “other”, period.

    As it is, the Lab would appear to consider the matter closed. I was the first to obtain their official statement on the matter after placing a formal request to them for comment on September 9th & receiving a reply on September 11th (a 2-day turn-around).

    Since then two follow-up requests from myself have passed without reply,with each now aleast 10 days old. I’ve little doubt the third formal request I’ve recently put in to the Lab will also be ignored.

    • That 121/131 is a typo. But, as Hamlet pointed out 153 of 266 have stopped contributing.

      I agree it is more evenly split than I would expect. I think the Lab is hoping this will die down given enough time. I suspect they are right. I’m not seeing the activity I think is needed to reverse the decision. Even the number of people that have joined groups for builders/content-contributors is small, probably less than 200…

  4. Whether its a majority or not would only matter if its some kind of an election with one possible outcome. Split results in this case means consequences regardless of majority. Even if 1% of creators responded they were done creating in Second Life, if that’s at all any kind of a reflection on the greater creator populace, that’s bad for Second Life which could use growth, not further shrinkage.

    I really hope no one at Linden Lab would look at this as something to be dismissed. It’s not likely to disappear; like all caveats this TOS snafu will appear where it should, in this case in any discussions in the community, and out of it, about Linden Lab’s policies towards user content rights. In the long run this could have as much negative impact on attracting developers than features like pathfinding and materials have had positive impact. It isn’t all about who’s lost now, it’s about who Second Life will never get for yet another reason.

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