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Friday I sort of broke the blog. I added some debugging code to help with a problem I was trying to solve. When just reading the blog, you probably wouldn’t notice a problem. I didn’t until I was away from home this weekend. Then other problems kept me from fixing it via remote login to my work machine.

Blog Change to PAGES

Blog Change to PAGES

There is a problem with WordPress’ sharing that is built into Jetpack. You only see the problem when you write or read a multi-page post and you are using sharing features of Jetpack. The text I use on this site looks as you see in the image above: Pages: 1 2. That line of text and links is created by a WordPress function: wp_link_pages(). On the home page it works well. 

Problem in Multi-page Articles

Problem in Multi-page Articles

On the single post page it works not so well. In this second image you see the PAGES listed after Google+. If one uses standard text the PAGES links can be easily missed. I created the stand out box for PAGES so users would notice the page links. But, I spent some time trying to find out how to create a custom placement for Jetpack’s Sharedaddy feature, of which Google+ is a part. (Reference) But, I could not get the same technique to work for Google+. I have yet to figure which filter is adding Google+ to the posts and jacking up my footer.

Unfortunately the fix for the row of buttons labeled ‘Share this:’ does not work for Google+. I’ve reported it as a bug and made a feature request for improved placement of the ‘sharing area’ of WordPress.

This morning I got things fixed. As soon as I saw the error Saturday, which displayed as a ?> on all pages in the upper left, I knew what I had done. This morning I fixed it. For now the blog is working again. But, this weekend it had messed up my admin pages and part of what I need to make posts was missing. So, no Sunday post. I try to have those written and scheduled by Friday. But, I was doing other things Friday.

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  1. I don’t know if you can see it on your end but the text all of the actual blog entries are missing. When viewing from the front page, you can read the excerpt up until the “Continue Reading” link but, if you go to any individual page, you just get the Title, a big blank space, and then the comments. I don’t know if you already know this because I was only able to see the first one and a half paragraphs of this entry so maybe you went into more detail about what you was broken but nobody can read it. Also, the RSS feed is broken as well.

    • It was working until I started playing with some plugins… Now I have to sort out what they did. Thanks for posting.

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