Bits and Pieces 2013-30

Ciaran Laval has a post about the 50% discount for educational groups coming back. See: Educational And Non-Profit Ventures See The Return Of The 50% Discount. The original Linden announcement is here: Updated Pricing for Educational and Nonprofit Institutions.

This is probably a good thing. But it is also probably a bit late.

A number of people think the cost of a region is too high. But, that is in the eye of the buyer. I was over on Lost Paradise today looking at Ae’gura. There were 6 users on in the last 24 hours and 17 over the last 7 days. At the same there were 50,000+ concurrent users logged into Second Life™.

Lost Paradise rents regions for US$40/month, the Lab $300±. For daily possible visitors in a day that is $6.67 per user in LP and $0.006 per user in SL. If you are doing business, SL is way cheaper. I know that is not a accurate cost per visitor comparison, but the cost ratio per visitor is accurate.

For educational groups that tend to bring their own students, a discount seems to be reasonable thing that should help everyone.

Hypergrid Business has articles this week on AviWorlds going offline and a how to tell when your grid is about to fold. Hmmmmm… 

New Feature?

Darrius Gothly on DGP4SL writes: A Really Good Second Life Viewer Idea. This is about getting hover tips with images in Inventory. As you roll over an outfit an image of it would come up. Sounds good to me. It also sounds complex.


Is it OK to enslave Non-Player Characters (NPC)? Hamlet asks the question in: This Skeezy Skyrim Mod Makes Me Question The Ethics of Enslaving NPCs. It is about add-on mods to Skyrim. Seems slavery is a growing thing in Skyrim.

On a micro-level enslaving an NPC is probably not much different than requiring our CPU/GPU to do our bidding. It’s a machine, we use it.

On a higher level, do your personal ethics and morality allow you to engage in slavery? How about even tolerating it? Have you even considered you own morality?

False Notices

Wednesday something went wrong and people were getting Region Restart warnings. They were bogus. The regions were not restarting. But, you only knew that if you hung around and waited for the restart.

The event seems to have coincided with the Linden Realms restart. That restart may have triggered the notices grid wide. It seems every region got one.

Maestro Linden posted about it. “Hi Lucia, I can confirm that there was a ‘false alarm’ to many regions; many regions sent out a false restart warning during the roll.  We’re looking into this issue to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”


Some people are seeing Outfit problems. Most seem to originate with third party viewers. When that happens switching to the Linden main viewer doesn’t help.

I’ve seen some problems where a clothes change created problems. Changing viewers did not resolve the issues. A skin and shape change with a re-bake seemed to solve my problem. I don’t know if that will work for the current problems some are seeing.


I see lots of updates in regard to the CHUI RC Viewer’s release notes. Version 3.6.2-278936. There are some fixes for performance issues… and lots of other stuff.

Love Donna Flora

Love Donna Flora Music Event is happening this Friday. Lots of people are supporting Squinternet Larnia, a cancer patient that makes her living from Second Life. The benefit will run from this Friday to August 11th.

Something like 100 ceators in SL are supporting her at the event. Proceeds from their sales will go to Squinternet Larnia. Her story is here.

Mars Rover Curiosity Spied from Space

Oh wow! See: Live Science.

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