Second Life Boobie Bounce Revisited

In my intermittent travels I came across this funny but informative video on making your own physics layer to control boobie bounce. Made by IsolteEmber the video is a funny look at adjusting  bounce and how the controls work. Be warned she rambles a bit, but even that is kinda funny.

3 thoughts on “Second Life Boobie Bounce Revisited

  1. If there is anyway of making the Lola Tango boobs bounce like they do on the av physics, then I’d like to know

    • That will only happen if we get the Mesh Deformer. Otherwise, there is no way.

      You may want to ask the Lolas maker if they have a Deformer version of the breasts.

    • I remember i saw sculpted breast bounce time ago.. but it was using scripting… no too smoothly p:

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