Another Rod Interview 2013-27

The site Co.Create has an article about Second Life™ by Susan Karlin. She interviews Rod Humble, Linden Lab CEO. The title is: A Look At Second Life’s Second Decade. Jo Yardley posted about it on Facebook.

Co.Create Article and Interview with Rod Humble

Co.Create Article and Interview with Rod Humble

Susan gets into the creative nature of people in Second Life. She mentions Jo and Drax.

Rod mentions that exit data the Lab has collected show people leaving thought it was slow or they could not figure it out. This nothing we have not known or that Rod has not known for some time. I suspect that is a significant part of the reason that the last two years has been spent in a large part improving performance. It continues to be an emphasis at the Lab. We are promised more improvements this year.

The article is liked by Jo because of the new pictures and positive look at SL. I like the article because it does not push SL as a game, but a creative tool. Jo’s Berlin is mentioned. It is a great example of creativity in SL.

Drax’s videos on the World Makers are said to be gaining traction. It is hard to tell from where I am. But, I do send links to those videos to people asking about SL. So, hopefully that is true.

It is a short article, but it is positive coverage. Tell your friends about it. Get them to click into Co.Create and give the articles stats a boost. Commercial bloggers will blog more about things that generate traffic for their site.

If you click in just for the stats boost, leave your browser open on that page for at least 3 minutes. The stats do show how long you were there.

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