Oculus Rift Update 2013-25

Jo Yardley has written up her firs hands on experience with the Oculus Rift (Rift). This is an excellent article that puts the state of the art in perspective. The current Rift’s are low resolution, but still impressive. See: Oculus Rift and Second Life.

The day she saw the Rift the company was releasing a high resolution version, still beta. There is an even higher resolution version coming for retail sales.

Jo portrays the possibilities for this technology very well. The article is worth the read.

Hamlet recently published: Oculus VR Gets $15M in VC Funding – Virtual Reality Much More Likely to Go Mass Market.

Every indication is this tech will create sweeping changes to computer games and virtual worlds. Jo is portraying ways VR headsets could change RL activities. It will certainly change how we experience and build in Second Life.

2 thoughts on “Oculus Rift Update 2013-25

  1. Everyone keeps saying this will be great for Second Life, but I just keep hearing hints and promises all over the place. I hope it happens before I die.

    • Click the TAG: Deformer. That will give you a list of the articles about the Deformer. You can get the facts and know what is happening.

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