High-Fidelity Sky


High-Fidelity (HF), Rosedale’s new virtual world, is prototyping parts of their planned virtual world. Last week they released a picture of their sky render and promised a ‘long’ blog post. Today the image popped up in my Feedly.

Prototype Sky at High Fidelity VW

Prototype Sky at High Fidelity VW

The sky is interesting. I suppose it could be the night sky.

I also find it interesting that both Cloud Party (CP) and HF are publishing a step-by-step of the development process. CP seems to be taking feedback and ideas from users. HF is not to that point yet. Will they take feedback too? We’ll have to wait to see.

3 thoughts on “High-Fidelity Sky

  1. I think this project is fascinating. A voxel-based virtual world is an exciting idea, and if anyone can bring it to fruition, Philip can. I just wish he’d picked a more specifically Googleable name.

    By the way, I wish I knew how you subscribed with Feedly – I can’t see an RSS link anywhere on their blog here: http://highfidelity.io/blog/

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