Second Life News 2013-5 (1)

This is short but exciting… The picks for this week’s rollouts are out. The main channel will get the Region-Crossing package on Tuesday. This package is running on the Blue Steel and Le Tigre RC channels. It has apparently done well in the RC, so it gets promoted..

Unfortunately the Interest List package has not done well, creating lots of problems for users. The package created high packet loss for many resulting in avatars and other objects failing to render. This week we will see a revised version of this package return to the Magnum channel. Hopefully this one will be better.

Blue Steel is getting the Materials System Package. We still won’t be able to try it out. There is no viewer that can take advantage of the feature. There are private testing builds. But, none most SL users cannot find or get access to them. So, I see this test as more of a compatibility thing.

Le Tigre is getting the fix for the World Map problem where some regions are not showing up in search.

I am hoping to see a Materials System Viewer soon.

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