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I am trying out the Solve Media Captcha on my comments to see if it can block some of the spam flooding the site. Yesterday over 1,000 spams were in the cue and that was with several hundred blocked by Bad Behavior.

Please post a comment to this post to see how it works. Let me know if it is better or worse than other captchas you have used.

In general I don’t like the illegible captcha tools used by most sites. Solve Media supplies a readable captcha puzzle. They also sell advertising through the captcha widget/plugin. Getting money is always nice.

Looking at the system, it does not seem too intrusive. If it is a problem for you, let me know.

Bad Behavior is a plugin that helps reduce spam. But, it is not helping enough. So, I have both running. Over the next few days I’ll be deciding if the extra hassle for you is providing enough benefit for me to leave it in place.

I am checking to see if I can tell where the flood came from… in the sense of where did the spammers find out about me. My empirical and subjective impression is that Pinterest is the most likely source. But, I don’t know that.

17 thoughts on “Solve Media Captcha

  1. Looks okay.
    One of the captcha texts said “need a bigger boat” and it seems that some examples could need a smaller texture. A few letters slightly cut into the lower frame, but you could still guess them.

    However, the “riddle” one I came across literally left you wondering what you were supposed to type.

  2. ups 😉
    mistyped the captcha, but think its a real good choice, that this is somewhat more readable as the usuals.
    Sadly it vanished the text i have typed before.
    Would be real nice it wouldn’t do so.
    Dil 🙂

  3. I am glad you tried my suggestion.
    As I mentioned, I dont use Solve Media yet (I dont know if I will be able on blogger but probably yes ¿?) but I saw them on many download servers and they are even kinda funny. One of the latest one was “Oppa Gangnam Style” lol.

    Best wishes and good luck with the bad spam ♥

    • I have found a couple of problems. For instance when I reply to comments via the Admin pages now, my comments are thrown to spam. I have to move them out manually.

  4. Unfortuantely the basically good idea of presenting a little film as captcha has turned into completely illegible captchase (at least one half of each day).

    Right now I can’t anyone thinking SolveMedia’s CATDHAs (Completely Automated Turing Test to Drive Humans Away) s***. How often would you hit the refresh button as a legitimate user of some forum untill you give up and never come back?

    It took me about ten times just to leave this comment …

    • I’ve played with it. I am not running into what you describe. So, I suspect your hitting a problem based on the advertising profile you’ve built up over the last few days. Everyone has a different profile and they change. So, don’t assume everyone is seeing the same thing.

      Because it is different for everyone it is hard to estimate whether it is a problem. I can’t see a decline in comments. Or an increase in complaints.

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