Bad Behavior

I’ve added the plugin Bad Behavior to this blog. I’ve seen a large up tic in spam. Not much makes it through to the comments list where I approve comments. But, the number flowing into the Spam List increased by a factor of about 10.

So, in an effort to keep the database a bit cleaner and faster, I added Bad Behavior. I’ll be watching it over the next few days to see how it works.

Let me know if it creates a problem for you when you attempt to post a comment.

Update: Apparently ‘Bad Behavior’ blocks OpenID. That should not block your comments on this site.

5 thoughts on “Bad Behavior

  1. Hey, maybe you could try verifying the comments through SL – anyone who submits a comment recieves a sort of unique hash they have to submit in order to have the comment published. That removes the need for moderating comments and no one with SL account (especially spam bots) will not be able to comment.

    • That would require the cooperation of the Lab. Also, the names used by posters is not always their SL name. The most damning reason is that would require I actually take time to code the checks into the site.

      • There is no need of cooperation with LL. You simply use a Name2Key service and store the key hashes for certain amount of time. I already use the plugin at for both comments and creating forum topics. It is a really simple jQuery + AJAX based plugin.

  2. There are better solutions like captchas or the great solve media 🙂

    Solve media have nice features and is really easy for visitors to use without necessity to strugle through unreadable characters. And is getting really popular because you can earn a bit of money. But the most important here is that they works and are really easy to fill and not like the common captchas. Just take a look, I dont use on my blog yet, but I have plans to, since captchas got really impossible lately.

    • I don’t like Captchas. For SL related sites they are especially objectionable because of the demographic.

      Thanks. I will look at Solve Media. While Bad Behavior is blocking a good number the total making it through is climbing. Akismet is doing a great job of separating out spam. But, the spam load is getting heavy.

      It seems since I started posting on Facebook and then Pinterest that the spam rates have exploded.

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