#SL Animations Growing

This is kind of neat, so I’m posting it as a separate article.

The roll out tomorrow on the Magnum channel will have a server change that increases the size of animation assets (the file size) from 64kb to 120kb. This will allow an increase in the complication and length of animations.

Until the corresponding change arrives on the viewer we cannot take advantage of the change. But, this is a significant change in the animation side of the Second Life world.

6 thoughts on “#SL Animations Growing

  1. Top of my wishlist for SL is realtime animation ie; Kinect. or similar.
    Imagine what a leap live stage performance would take worldwide.

  2. OMG thats fantastic! Finally better animations and less possibilities of not having unanimated body parts like often happen with head/neck :/

    I wonder if this means that if the uploaded animation is less than 128kb it will not be compressed at all ¿?

    • I don’t think compression for animation files matters, as one cannot use lossy compression. Think text and zip files.

      • Yeah SL animations uses lossy compression. May look “weird” but is true.

        I have a friend, daizz Papp, creator of so popular Oracul AOs. She told me about it when I started making animations. When you upload an animation, SL takes off some info from it, thats why animations never looks the same in SL and the application you made them. And since SL smooth the animations by tiself between frames, is better to upload animations at low fps to save memory and get a good final result.

        She have a very nice blog where she teach how to make them. In this entry she explains a little how that compression method used by SL servers works and how to do a good workflow. Is a very interesting entry, you should take at least a quick look 🙂

        She is Japanese and her english isnt perfect, but still a nice work that most of people arent aware of it. Probably the best tutorials for SL animations using Poser.


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